International Scientific Society of ectopic calcification

General Assembly June 29th 2023

Since ISSEC’s founding General Assembly in March 2022, the Society’s everyday life has been managed by a temporary but very committed EB composed of 7 members: Hervé Kempf (president), Tamas Aranyi (vice-president), Georges Lefthériotis (treasurer), Natércia Conceição (secretary), Pedro Valdivielso (deputy-secretary), Marta Jacinto (patients’ organization liaison), and Olivier Vanakker (dissemination director). 

The tEB had monthly meetings to discuss the progress of the Society and slowly but surely build the first and necessary foundations of our Society, i.e : create a bank account; manage administrative  duties; advertise the Society at different meetings and through social network; build a website (; create and distribute a newsletter; recruit members (over 60 as today); co-organize webinars with the INTEC consortium; appoint the first Advisory Board President Eli Sprecher and brainstorm about our first physical event to gather our community . 

The work done so far will be presented in more details at the very first GA of ISSEC on June 29th 2023, that you hopefully will all be able to attend. It will also be the time where a new EB will be elected to continue and expand all the hard work already done by the tEB to shape and secure the fundamentals of a long-lasting Society. 

General Assembly Meeting Agenda

  • Voting of the session chair and the agenda
  • Report on the period since March 2022
  • Financial Report 
  • Advisory Board Report
  • Election of the President 
  • Election of the Executive Board 
  • Plans for 2023
  • Varia

Candidates for the Presidential and Executive Board Member Election

  • Tamas Aranyi (EB member candidate)
  • Natércia Maria da Silva Conceiçao (EB member candidate)
  • Marta Jacinto (EB member candidate)
  • Hervé Kempf (Presidential and EB member candidate)
  • Georges Lefthériotis (EB member candidate)
  • Olivier Vanakker (EB member candidate)